portrait man outside
portrait woman outside closeup
portrait woman outside beach
man with oxen team outside on farm
woman smiling while picking strawberries
elder woman smiling in portrait
woman models a swimsuit at dusk on the beach
a woman poses at the beach for a portrait with a hat
portrait of a young man outside under trees
portrait of a dancing woman in a white dress at the beach
portrait of a smiling man at the beach
photograph of a woman doing yoga at the beach
a man holding a plant with his cow
a musician with his instruments in studio
portrait of a woman smiling outside
farm owners with their oxen team
portrait of a woman with a yellow jacket
headshot of a young man outside
studio portrait of a young man
location portrait of a tattoo artist
portrait of a woman in a red sweater in her kitchen smiling
black and white photo of a woman at industrial location
artist headshot indoor

I specialize in natural light location portraits but enjoy studio work and creative lighting as well. 

I can help you with personal portraits and headshots, location portraits and editorial, social media and website content for businesses, and graduation photos. 

If you would like to book a session, please fill out this contact form and I will be notified by email.

I am usually able to respond the same business day. Thank you and I look forward to creating images with you!​

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